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Which is Your Favourite Coalpot Soap?
Garden Fresh
Purifying Patchouli
Oatmeal Delight
Lemon Sunrise
Wild Lemon Bay
Ginger Bay
Peppermint Passion
Sisserou Spice
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Our soaps are handmade with care from start to finish. We only use vegetable and plant based oils, which allows our soaps to be of the highest quality by ensuring the retention of all natural glycerin and moisterizer. Consequently, our soaps are richer and milder and are known both to smooth and to soften the skin. Our soaps leave the skin younger looking and heal targeted skin ailments.
Our soaps do not contain chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, or animal products. Our soaps are packaged in boxes using 100% post-consumer material and soy-based inks.
We have 20 varieties of soap to choose from and each is unique in its own way. Soaps are available in our standard four ounce bars or in our hotel size bars. If you are interested in a variety of soap not listed below and you would like us to produce it, please contact us.

The exotic clean and fresh feel of the Nature Isle can be yours with this soap.  Fresh cucumber, aloe, and parsley, scented with the essential oil of basil, transform you into an early morning garden, covered with dew.  

Scented with the essential oil of patchouli, with its odour removing potential, this soap carries an earthy feeling of purity.

With the luscious scent of cassia, cinnamon and nutmeg, imbued with ground cinnamon, this soap produces a wonderful and spicy zest.

Ground bay leaf (a light exfoliator) enhances the pure essential oil of bay, which creates a soothing, healing and relaxing bathing experience while releasing its unique aroma.


This soap captures the fresh scent of rosemary and the delight from oatmeal (an effective abrasive) gives it a rich texture that favours oily and dry skin.


Cornmeal, a natural abrasive, added to ground lemongrass, accentuates the essential oil of lemongrass, and imparts a pleasant scent in a beautiful yellow sunrise colour.

This invigorating mango bar is rich with fresh mangoes, an advanced formula with natural fibers, which is traditionally used and effectively removes dirt and dull surfaces on the body, revealing fresh, healthy skin.

Blest with the essential oil of Bay, and adding ground lemongrass this soap is an all-time favourite, It relaxes, soothes and releases its unique aroma, which changes the meaning of bathing.

The essential oils of sweet orange with a touch of bay, forms this juicy citrus soap that will take you on a never ending odyssey.

This fresh, stimulating soap combines oatmeal, ground peppermint   and peppermint essential oil, which produces a delicious aroma you will find yourself savouring to the very end.

With the warmth of ground ginger and lemongrass supported by the essential oils of ginger, lemongrass and bay, this soap brings out an earthy feeling.

This soap brings out a Dominican Tradition. Gloricida and Horse Raddish Tree, combines with Rosemary and Basil essential oil to create this rich, creamy, tender bar which can only be justified on a baby’s skin.

From the heart of the Nature Isle Sulphur Spring, Erupts this wonder bar of soap, imbued with pure sulphur.  This soap captivates the healing properties and the sensational feeling of the Natural Sulphur spring water.

Pure and relaxing, this soap takes you right back to times of old on an ancient field, way back when healing as we know it only existed through nature. With its refreshing, uplifting and calming aromatic properties.

This soap contains specially blended herbs which is very gentle yet works effectively creating a bathing sensation and healing effect you’ll only experience in the Nature Isle.

Our Hibiscus Bliss ‘Shampoo Bar’ is an all-natural way to treat your hair. Specially formulated to treat and prevent dandruff, itchy and dry scalp, it prevents breakage and strengthens hair. This shampoo bar has a powerful blend of hibiscus with juniper and rosemary essential oils.

From the heart of Dominica’s green rain forest emerges a unique male species of wood, Bois Bande` [Richeria grandis]. When added to soap, this wood has an overpowering  masculine scent. Each bar carries all and more of Nature’s wonders for the men of today.

From the virgin land of 365 rivers, with the captivating freshness of pure Aloe, this bar brings back a tradition of ancestral healing properties.

This soap captures the wild imagination of the sea.  Complex sea moss, which contains protein and minerals with our added mango butter and essential oils, which provides a continuous nutrient –rich moisture you can feel on your skin all day long.

A blend of apricot kernel, wheat germ, and avocado oil is poured into pureed avocado to form this miracle bar of soap.  These oils, due to their high content of vitamins A and B, are well reputed for moisturizing, rejuvenating, and repairing the skin.  This soap has a nutritive and toning effect visible with every use.






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