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We adhere to our traditional all-natural, all-handcrafted from the beginning to end. This allows each product to be of high quality and retain extra glycerin. We then scent with only pure essential oils from plants and flowers that grow in the Caribbean.

Join the many who relish our products' soothing, refreshing, invigorating, and uplifting aromas, high quality, and powerful healing properties.

We perform all production at our factory in in Grand Bay, Dominica.
The factory is located in the Geneva Heritage Park, which contains the ruins of a plantation as well as other budding local crafts manufacturing organizations.
Many of our ingredients, such as aloe, are grown on our property. The rest are sourced as locally as possible.
Our products start with all vegetable and plant base oils. Our plant material additives are delivered fresh and dried at our factory. They are prepared on the same day of production to achieve the best result.
All recipes are always measured with precision to ensure consistency of each batch and equal quality every time.
The soap is hand stirred with nurtured care and a lot of enthusiasm.
The soap is poured into a mold, where it will rest overnight.
The following day, the soap is cut into bars. The soap has solidified but is still soft.
After cutting, the edges are smoothed and the bar is polished.
The soap then cures on a rack for at least two weeks. During this time, the soap will harden. After the soap cures, it is checked to ensure proper quality and given another quick polishing. The soap is then hand packaged in our distinctive and environmentally-conscious boxes.
The Coal Pot: All Natural, Handmade to perfection...every time.












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