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Our creams are a blend of the richest natural ingredients available.  Imbued with ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, our creams offer a luxurious, nutrient-rich feeling that will leave your skin with your desired results every time.  Our creams are available in 120ml jars.



Shea Angel

Shea Butter is one of nature's most precious skin moisturizers. Shea Angel is loaded with Shea butter, which contains Vitamin A, one vitamin that is absolutely mandatory for healthier skin, and has the same moisturizer produced by the sebaceous glands. This rich formula nurtures your skin with one of the most effective moisturizing ingredients with amazing visible benefits that will regenerate, moisturize, protect, and give your skin a healthier younger, softer. and smoother feel all day long.



Silk Caress

This Rich and Luxurious cream contains three [3] of natures most precious butters [Shea, mango, and cocoa] to give your skin the best treatment it will ever need. This cream is rich in vitamins A and E.  The cream's effective moisturizing provides almost immediate results, giving your skin a balanced complexion as well as a healthier and younger glow.



Luxurious Cocoa Butter

Imbued with natural ingredients such as pure unrefined cocoa butter and beeswax, this cream traditionally has been used to eradicate blemishes and to help reduce and remove stretch marks. It moisturizes as it heals dry skin, leaving your skin exceptionally soft, smooth, and perfumed while providing protection against the elements. Also available in 250ml jars.



Wild Tiger

Wild Tiger body lotion is formulated specially for Men. With an unmistakable masculine scent, this lotion offers a solution to dry, rough skin, with added vitamins and protein to protect against the elements all day long.






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