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Bath Salts 



Bath salts are centuries old tradition used to heal and balance. They relieve stress, remove impurities from the skin and melt away tension, while nourishing the skin with minerals. Enjoy any of our 7 uniquely blended varieties of bath salts for the aromatherapy you desire:



Floral Rose

Unwind your mind and body. Sit back, relax and enjoy a warm sensual bath with our Floral Rose natural bath salt. Engulf yourself in a journey of unforgettable pleasure and bring back the balance of feminine energy and supporting connection to our intrinsic goodness.


Mango Peach

This wonderfully scented salt is a blessing for the body.  An unmistakably tropical sensation overcomes the body, with such relaxation that transforms your mind and spirit to a beautiful unspoiled Caribbean island.



Lavender Field


Lavender Field contains the essential oil of lavender; this rich sensual bath salt is a must for relaxing and calming. The Scent of lavender will rejuvenate and inspire the tired body, helping with anxiety and irritability.  It will calm, relax and soothe the tired soul.


Mint Haven

Made from the essential oil of peppermint this bath salt is an old tradition for improving concentration and mental sharpness.  It is known to boost the mood, reduce fatigue and headaches. It is also a great soak for tired, swollen and aching feet.



Coffee Vanilla

Vanilla Cream is a call for earthy exotic pleasures. This enchanting and appealing bath salt creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives a spiritual cleanse, harmonizing to the fire element in us, it stabilizes emotions and consoles. Vanilla is said to carry the meaning; the memories of childhood with the intensity of seemingly everlasting moments of joy.


Orange Zest
A bath with our orange zest bath salt takes you on a journey, with the familiar scent of orange oil, uplifting your spirits, allaying anxiety and easing stress in the body. It adds vitamin and brings back vitality to the skin.


Coconut Breeze

Coconut Breeze is a delightful sweetness of the tropics with a seductive kiss of the Earth. This bath salt leaves your skin with a satin effect that will ease your mind and please your senses as it aims to promote your health and well-being.










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