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We always enjoy hearing from our customers.  We can be reached via the following:

E-mail: thecoalpotsoaps@yahoo.com

Phone:  (767) 446-4685

Mobile: (767) 245-2710/612-2710

Fax:      (767) 446-4685

Visitors to Dominica can find our facility in Geneva, Grand Bay.  We encourage visitors to contact us in advance to learn our hours of operation.


Finding Our Products

In Dominica, our products can be found at every major supermarkets in Roseau, the pharmacies and at the gifts souvenirs shops. Additionally, our products are in Portsmouth at Duveny's Supermarket, H. H. V. Whitchurch & Co Ltd, Don Souvenirs Shop and Bulls Eye Pharmacy.  In Maigot at Village Pharmacy, Wesley at Julie's Candy Pallor and through many other retailers on the island.

Our products also are available internationally.  Please contact us if you live in an area not represented below:

Caribbean Region


Frank Louis-Joseph

E-mail: darealbenj@hotmail.com

Phone: 011-696-91-3312  or 011-596-57-8509

St. Maarten:

E.C. Production

E-mail: bkshill@hotmail.com



Noilly Fontaine

E-mail: nffontaine@hotmail.com

Phone: 284-541-2911



Nature Caribe (Lyon)

E-mail: joel.theodose@yahoo.fr


Volker Lipper

Allensteiner Weg 9

44625 Herne, Germany

Phone: +49-2323-944396

Website: www.green-isle.de

E-mail: info@green-isle.de

United Kingdom:

Hella Lipper

E-mail: hella_lipper@hotmail.com


United States

Nature Island Trading Company

E-mail: vince@natureislandtrading.com

Phone: 540-949-4938

Website: www.natureislandtrading.com


California-Antilles Trading Consortium

3735 Adams Avenue

San diego, CA 92116

Phone: 619-283-4834

E-mail: calantilles@worldnet.att.net




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  Grand Bay,

Tel: 767-446-4685/245-2710/612-2710